Young Visitor Sparks Excitement Ch. 02

I was in that slightly groggy, sleep, not quite awake phase. I knew by the light pouring in and the warmth of the room that it was definitely a hot Sydney morning, but the exact time was beyond me.

I felt a hand moving down my chest, one loosely around the base of my cock and the warm breath of Patricia. What a way to wake up!

"Someone is nice and hard...does my big boy want his cock sucked, or would he rather go to sleep?"

I didn't have a chance to respond. Patricia threw the duvet off, let go of my cock and straddled me, rubbing her soft juice pussy. As my eyes strained to adjust to the light, I could see the sparkle of her hot juices, already flowing from her sexy pink lips. She was gently rubbing up and down, barely grazing her labia. Her nipples were perfectly erect, and all I could do was put my hands behind my head and love the show.

She parted her lips, and her two fingers were now rubbing in circles, up and down, and then left and right, dancing on her clit. She leaned forward and smeared her fingers across my lips, allowing me to taste to hot sweet nectar of my lady. She parted her lips of her pussy, and then slowly started to grind on my cock, using her juices as lube...

"fuck that feels good...morning hot stuff".

I can see that glint in her eye. She stares through me, with a devilish look, and moved down suddenly to engulf her mouth with my cock, all in one go. After a few deep sucks in her mouth, she starts stroking me hard.

"ohhhh, my juices taste soooo good on your cock. Now your dirty little cum slut wants her mouth filled with your hot cum. You gonna do that for me big boy?"

Before I get a chance to answer, the assault on my cock begins, her mouth sucking and licking, whilst her right hands twists and jerks me off. I can see past her perky tits and nipples, and she's using her spare hand to rub her clit.

I know Patricia loves a challenge. "I'm going to cum once I feel you groaning on my cock. So rub that clit good, and make yourself cum with my cock in your mouth."

Her pace increases. Her fingers are glistening as the juices flow. I can hear her flicking her clit, and thrashing her fingers around those soft juicy pussy lips. Her hand is gripping and twisting my cock even harder...ever faster.

"I think deep down, you want a cock in your pussy whilst you suck me, don't you? You want to be filled with a strangers cock? His balls slapping on your clit as he pounds you from behind?"

Whilst we'd never ventured outside of the bedroom, Patricia loved some dirty talk. Her pace got ferocious and I could feel my orgasm building as her moans and groans got louder around my cock.

Patricia let my cock release from her mouth. Her eyes are now possessed by the devil as she's entered a new phase of carnal knowledge, and she needs to be satisfied.

"I want my pussy stretched by that big cock whilst you fuck my mouth"

It's all I can take. My orgasm starts up in my chest. I tense my stomach, my legs and butt cheeks as it builds from deep inside me. My eyes close and from deep in my balls, I feel an epic release. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, I'm..." I can't even get the words out as my cock erupts, shooting my hot sticky seed all over Patricia's face, into her mouth and over my chest.

It's enough to send her over the edge, and her legs clamp together around her hand as she rubs her clit into submission. She takes my cum covered cock in her mouth, as her orgasm shakes her, and her groans are muffled as she sucks on me.

I'm paralyzed. Unable to speak or move. Patricia moves up, licking the cum off my chest and working her way up, planting a deep french kiss right on my lips. My morning breath is replaced by the taste of my warm salty semen, and I lap it up.

Patricia collapses beside me. "Morning darling. Is it your turn to make the coffee?"

"I will do when my legs start working. Or when I wake up from this dream? Hahahaha"

"OK lazy bones, I'll go. Just don't go anywhere without me."

Patricia jumps up out of bed. I'm always amazed at how spritely she is first thing...such a bloody morning person.

As I'm lay relaxing in my post orgasm haze, I reach a whole new level of appreciation and relaxation, which is broken by Patricia who comes flying back into the bedroom, without any coffees, but bright red.

"You OK honey? I was hoping for a latte, not a red face?"

"Ermmmm, I forgot we had company."

"Oh shit yeah. Oops, me too. Dare I ask what happened?"

"Well I suppose you should know. I was stood there froffing the milk, and I found some of your cum on my tits. Just as I licked it off, I heard a "oh morning Mrs Kirk" and your boy David was coming out of his room. I don't know what he saw, other than me sprinting like a cum covered Usain Bolt!"

It's too much, and we both burst into laughter. I can tell Patricia is a bit embarrassed, but also I sense part of her isn't. She's always been an exhibitionist deep down, and I sense there is a small twinkle in her eye.

I pull some boxers on, and relieve the situation. "I'll go finish the coffees then, and apologise to our guest for you flashing at him...hahahah"

I get a whack on the ass for my cheeky behaviour.

"Morning Dave. Sleep alright?"

"Yes thank you Mr Kirk...ermmm, I mean Dan. Sorry sir."

I can tell Dave is flustered, so I put him at ease. I place my hand on his firm shoulder and look his gently in the eye.

"Look Dave, there's a few things I should explain. One, I want you to make yourself at home here and relax. We're not your parents, and I'm certainly not a sir. So step one is for you to chill the fuck out. Secondly, we're not used to having guests, so I apologise for my wife flashing you like that. Patricia is in the habit of doing naked coffee, and I think she's a little embarrassed. And finally, we should talk about last night...I very much love Patricia and she very much loves me, and there are times when we can't keep our hands off each other. But don't worry, we'll be respectful whilst you're here so there is nothing to worry about. OK?"

I can see Dave physically relax as the tension leaves his body. A smile comes across his face.

"Good lad. Now we've got some chores to run today, but feel free to use the pool, sunbath, use the office and the computer, watch TV, or do whatever you want. There's a spare set of keys near the door with a red fob on for you to use whilst your here. And maybe we can go out for a casual bite and a few beers later if you're keen?"

"Thanks Dan. You and Patricia are too kind, and I can't think how I can possibly repay you."

I can think of several really great ways, but I censor myself. He's a kid.

Hours later we return from some shopping and visiting some mates for a coffee. The house is cool and quiet. I check the pool, and can see a towel and book, but no Dave.

"The house is unlocked, so I hope he's not gone far?"

"Dan, I'll just check his room. I need to drop him some clean towels off anyway. And a beach towel for the pool. Do you think he'll need washing doing?"

I fix us some drinks as Patricia wonders off, and as I reach the hallway, she glares at me and quietly puts her finger to her lips and actions me to "shusshhhhh". She's on her tip toes. Her head motions as if to say "look there" and as I glance into the spare room, my eyes nearly explode.

Dave is lay on his bed, which faces away from the door. His swimming shorts are around his knees. He already looks tanned and adonis like. Not 6 pack buff body, but very well kept. Barely a hair on him. He's holding his phone in his hand, headphones in over his head and firmly on his ears and he's engrossed in some porn. But I'm transfixed as he's slowly stroking a gorgeous 8" cock. Not as wide as mine, but maybe slightly longer. A soft tuft of mousey brown hair around his cock and balls, which look edible.

We can't speak. Our feet seem to be glued to the spot. We briefly look at each other, and then quickly back to the action. Dave is watching some amateur teens, probably on one of those webcam sites. I can barely make out what's happening, but I see the guy flip the girl over and start eating her ass, like a man on a mission.

We both watch in slow motion, as Dave's entire body tenses, and stream after stream of hot sticky boy cum comes shooting out of his cock, all over his muscly chest, with at least one stream hitting him flush in the face. As he relaxes back on the bed, we both panic, looking each other close in the eye.


"Yes, quickly!"

We race to our room, undress in milliseconds, throw on the quickest costumes we can find, and rush to the pool, throwing ourselves in immediately.

"fuck it's cold. Jesus Dan, did you not turn the heater on this morning?"

My balls have gone into hibernation and shot inside my body. It refreshing, but in a "oh my god I'm shivering" type way.

Mid argument, Dave appears with his shorts now in their rightful place. Patricia has swam up to the edge, possibly a little shy in her revealing bikini, which is odd given he's already seen her naked.

"Hey Dave, how's your afternoon been?"

"Oh yeah, I went to go for a swim, but it's pretty chilly. I did some reading, and just took a quick nap. Hope you don't mind?"

"Not at all love." Patricia reassures. "I hope we didn't disturb" you, with a cheeky tone in her voice. As I swim up behind her, I realise I'm still hard from the show we've just got. I push my erection in my shorts, right up behind Patricia and press is against her ass in a playful fashion.

She turns and looks at me astonished, and whispers "you've still got that?!? In this ice bath?! Well someone really like what he saw didn't he?"

I kissed her firmly, squeezed her ass, and replied "yes...yes I really did".

"Is there any dress code for tonight? I might go freshen up."

I'd nearly forgotten Dave was there.

"Not really mate. Just casual and comfy. There's a few nice micro breweries with great beers, and a good crowd. One normally has an acoustic band plays that Patricia likes, so we'll try a few places and then grab a bite. 6pm suit you?"

"Perfect. I'll go freshen up and get ready. Thank you"

As he walks off, we both catch each other, admiring his long sporty legs and his pert tight ass.

"I might be shivering, but I'm not getting out of this pool for a minute until this goes" pointing down at my shorts.

"Wow. That is quite the boner." Patrica wraps her arms around me in a wonderful embrace and we kiss like its our first date. Tongues dashing, lips clashing, and electricity shoots between us.

"I Love You Mr Kirk"

"Not as much as I love you, Mrs Kirk" as I give her a cheeky squeeze of her luscious butt cheeks.

"Shower time." As she steps out of the pool, I admire every inch on her slender body. Her long tender legs. Her perfect tight ass, glistening with pool water, and barely covered with a tiny red bikini bottoms.

I think to myself, "god damn I've lucked out. Life can't get much better than this"

Or maybe it can...


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