Cult of the Eternally Young Pt. 02

(Thanks to Drewau for editing. Comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated. A brief recap of part one: A 19-year-old boy who grew up in a cult that lied to him about sex and many other things and gave him medicine to stunt his puberty, stumbles upon a beautiful woman in the woods that begins to teach him the truth.)

"There's one last thing I want to teach you before you scurry on back to your little commune," Evie said.

Jay only half heard her as she climbed off of him. He noticed his deflating shaft was covered in a sticky white substance as it flopped out of her. "Is that from me or you?" He asked, rubbing a little off on his finger.

Evie took his hand gently in hers and said that's mainly you. "It's called cum. Sorry, the technical term is sperm." Then she stuck his finger in her mouth and sucked it off. "And it is delicious."

Even after cumming twice already, that made him instantly hard again. Evie glanced down and noticed his hardening member and smiled. "A man with a quick recovery time. I like that."

She sat right in front of him and spread her legs wide. "So, something great about humans is that we can self stimulate." Evie reached down and started rubbing circles around her clit. "It looks different for both men and women though."

Jay looked down at his hardening shaft and up at the woman in front of him. "But if you're here, why would I want to do it myself?"

"True, if you are with me I will absolutely screw your brains out, but what if you are back at the commune and you want a release?" Jay understood and Evie continued. "It's really simple. Wrap your dominant hand around your cock and..."

"All of the roosters are back at the commune, and what do they have to do with my penis?"

Evie laughed at his naivety. "That's just another term for your penis. There are a myriad of dirty terms for private parts. I'll go over some of them as we go. Now do what I said."

Jay took his penis in his hand and looked back to Evie for further instruction. Move your hand up and down on it. Basically, you are trying to mimic my pussy or my mouth with your hand."

Jay's eyes went wide. "You stick this in your mouth? Can we try that?"

Evie loved having a very eager student. "That will be the next lesson when you come back. Now that you are stroking it, let's get back to vocabulary." She reached up with her free hand and grabbed her breast. "These are breasts, tits, boobs, Juggs..." Evie went on to name a half dozen more names."

With every new word she said, Jay felt more and more excited. "I think I like tits and boobs the most."

"They are some of the most popular. Evie smirked. Her fingers then traced the area around her nipples. "This is the areola. It doesn't have quite as many names. And this..." Evie pinched her nipple and pulled it away from her body. She cooed at the sensation it sent through her. "...are nipples. They have very few names as well. Which is ironic, considering for many guys, this is the big show."

Jay was breathing heavily as he said, "Yeah, whenever I see them, all I want to do is suck on them."

"Funny, I feel the same way when I see your penis, cock, shaft, member..." Watching Evie's mouth slowly form each word drove Jay wild. Evie leaned forward so that her face was inches from his penis. "When you are big and swollen like this, you say that you are hard, stiff, or have an erection."

Jay felt her hot raspy breath on his tip and prayed she would take it into her mouth. Evie saw a drop of precum seeping out. "The very end is called the tip or head. Head is also the term used when I give you a blowjob. That's when I suck on it until you cum. And this liquid is called precum." Evie decided to play with him some more, so she dabbed the cum with the tip of her tongue.

That was too much for Jay, his balls tightened up, he felt the rush of endorphins, and his shaft began pulsing. His cum streaked lines of cum across her hair and face. Evie smiled and said, "And that is called a facial." She licked the cum off of her lips and leaned back.

"You're not upset that I got that stuff all over your face?"

"No, I love it. But there is a quid pro quo." Evie laid back on the ground and beckoned him forward. Jay laid on his belly with his face between her smooth tanned legs. The smell of her was intoxicating. His mouth was close enough that she could feel his breath on her lips.

Evie carried on toying with her clit and returned a hand to her nipple. She pinched and twisted it as ecstasy coursed through her body. Her hand moved from her clit and she curled her middle finger deep inside her. She made a come-hither motion inside of herself over and over again.

Her gasps turned into orgasmic cries. Her breathing was loud and labored between the moans. Jay was close enough that he could see goosebumps rippling across her skin, which was now covered in a sexy sheen of sweat. Her body writhed and twisted like it was possessed. Her toes curled into the ground.

Finally, Jay couldn't resist anymore. He licked the sweat along her pelvic V in one long motion. It was salty and amazing. Evie screamed, but he recognized it as a good scream and so he pressed his luck even further. He saw a tiny little nubbin at the top of her lips. Jay stretched out his tongue and tasted it.

As if his tongue held the static charge to start an explosion, Evie's orgasm erupted at his touch. She screamed loud enough that it echoed off the trees. She let off a stream of expletives for a full minute, some of the words Jay now understood. Evie's pelvis jerked off the ground and her own cum covered Jay's face.

When Evie finally calmed, Jay crawled up her body until he was hovering above her. The look in Evie's eyes was dark, sensuous, and extremely contented. She licked her cum off the side of his face and giggled.

She turned over on her side and Jay spooned in behind her. He couldn't help but hold her breasts. It took him 19 years to discover them, and now that he found them, he never wanted to let them go.

They passed out and slept for about an hour along the stream's shore. When Jay awoke Evie was crouched by the stream washing the cum out of her hair and off her face. She was still nude and the sun bouncing off the water gave her a radiant glow. Jay joined her and washed off as well.

Jay was ready for more sex, but he knew it was over for now when she put her bikini back on. She walked up to him and kissed him passionately on the lips. Evie then looked up into his brown eyes and said. "Remember to come back, and next time bring a friend." Evie then pointed up a hill to a cabin. "I live up there, if you can't find me here, come and knock on my door."

Jay nodded and they said their goodbyes as he headed for home. Now that he knew which way to head, it only took him about an hour's walk. His mother came running out to meet him as soon as he broke the treeline. His father was shortly after that.

They peppered him with questions and Jay explained what happened, carefully leaving the part about Evie out.

"The stream?" His dad was indignant. I told you to stay far away from that. Don't you remember that there are Crocodiles and tarantula's that hang out at that stream?"

"You told me bears and piranha's."

His dad blanched at being caught in his lie, but he doubled down. "Yes. Those too. Regardless, it's dangerous."

"I know, that's why as soon as I heard the stream I turned around and came back." Jay found lying much easier than he thought after catching his dad in these bald-faced lies now.

They threw a party celebrating Jay's safe return. Granted a party for them simply means a big meal together and everyone asking him what happened. Life in the commune was very dull, so any kind of excitement like this was a big story.

As soon as he got a moment free, he grabbed his best friend Iris and pulled her aside. "I'm going to sneak over tonight. There is something I've got to tell you. But for now, don't take those special vitamins anymore."

Iris trusted Jay more than anyone else in the camp, including her parents. She had questioned the camp elders behind their backs for years. Truth be told, she had stopped taking those pills about a month ago. She never felt better either. The only hiccup that she had was this strange couple of days in the middle of the month where she felt painful cramps in her abdomen.

She got worried when she began to bleed. Iris was on the verge of confessing everything to her parents when the flow suddenly stopped. Other than that, she had never felt better. She also felt a greater need to be around Jay as well. She didn't know why, but seeing him made her feel funny, in a good way. She couldn't explain it, but being near him made her feel good.

Later that night Iris turned her lamp down low. No one had ever snuck over at night as Jay had talked about. It scared but also excited her. It was different and wrong, and the combination of the two had her heart racing.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Jay lightly tap at her window. For a second she considered not opening it for fear of getting into trouble. Speaking out privately in the woods against her parents and the elders was one thing, having a boy sneak into her room in the middle of the night was another. But she couldn't resist misbehaving so she opened it.

Jay climbed in and quickly swore her to secrecy. This made everything all the more exciting. Iris agreed and Jay started telling her all about his encounter with Evie. She was shocked and amazed, but her mind kept coming back to one thing. "What's a penis?"

Jay's eyes went wide as he scrambled to undo his pants. "I would have asked the same thing about a pussy, if she hadn't shown hers right off." He opened his pants and pulled them and his underwear down as one. The excitement of exposing himself to her and telling her about the day's events already had him swelling with pride.

Iris' eyes opened as big as her mouth when she saw the tall staff emerge from his pants. "What is that?"

"It's a penis." Iris stretched out her fingers but then retracted them quickly as if she had burned them. "It's OK. You can touch it."

Her grey eyes met his and then returned to his erection. "We shouldn't."

"You don't understand, it feels amazing to have it touched."

As much as Iris wanted to explore it, she wasn't ready for that big of a move yet. She asked a redirecting question. "Why don't I have one?"

"You have a pussy. It's basically an inverted version of what I have."

"But, why?"

"I'm supposed to insert mine into yours and we both feel good together."

A look of horror stretched across her face. "That would never fit inside me. It's too big."

"You'd be surprised. Evie's looked pretty small but I went balls deep inside of her."

Iris tilted her head and looked at him confused. "Balls."

"These." Jay lifted his shaft and showed his testicles.

When Iris saw them she lost the battle with her willpower. They looked so soft. She dropped to her knees and reached out and touched them with her fingertips. She enjoyed the warm spongy feel of them. And, having crossed that boundary, she reached up and wrapped her fists around his member.

Iris smiled and looked up at Jay. "It's so warm and soft, but hard at the same time."

"You should try touching yourself. Women are just as warm, but they also get wet."

As soon as he said that, Iris realized that she was feeling moisture between her legs. She also felt tingly down there. It was like a more concentrated feeling of what she felt every time she was with Jay. Iris looked down at her pants and brought her fingertips to her crotch.

"Can I see it?"

Iris looked up at Jay embarrassed and shook her head. "No, that's dirty."

Jay lowered himself to his knees so that he was eye level with her again. He cupped her face with his hands and said, "That's what the elders have always told us, but they lied to us about so many things."

Iris knew he was right, but overcoming that many years of programming was difficult. So she acted quickly before she could second guess herself. She pulled her pants and underwear down and covered her face as fast as she could. To her surprise, Jay never said a thing.

To her greater surprise, she suddenly felt his fingers on her clit. She gasped and Jay pulled his fingers away. Before she knew what she was doing, she grabbed his hand and put it back on her pussy. "We shouldn't be doing this."

Jay, wanting to respect her wishes said, "We can stop if you want."

"We really should stop." Is what she said, while she rubbed his hands up and down her slit.

Seeing that she didn't actually want to stop, he decided to press a little further. Jay curled a finger inside her and Iris had to bite her knuckle to keep from crying out. She had never experienced such an amazing feeling in her life.

As much as Jay wanted to continue playing with her, he figured he should teach her the same lesson Evie taught her. How to pleasure herself. So he slid his hand out of the way so that she was now rubbing her clit.

Iris moaned and her hand seemed to know exactly what to do. Her fingers ran circles around the clit and sporadically dipped between her lips. Jay was getting so hard just watching her that he decided to take his shirt off to make sure neither of them came on it.

This distracted Iris so much that she stopped toying with herself. "Where... Where are your..." She motioned to her chest.

"Guys don't have tits at least not as women do. Can I see yours?"

Iris nodded. They had already crossed so many boundaries, why not one more? She lifted her shirt up and over her head. Beneath she was wearing a very tight sports bra. Her mother made her start wearing them a couple of years ago because she was getting so big.

She hated it though. It was so tight that it hurt a little. Her mother told her that not covering them like that was shameful and dirty. Iris had assumed that everyone wore something like this to hide their chest. Because of this, she was more than willing to shed that article of clothing as well.

When she did, her D-cup breasts bounced into view and Jay couldn't resist. He leaned forward and started sucking on one while he manhandled the other. "What are you doing?" Was he trying to eat her? Why would someone put someone else's body part in their mouth?

Jay suddenly felt ashamed. "I'm sorry, sucking on them is all I can think about when I see them. They're beautiful. I'll stop though."

"No!" Iris exclaimed, almost too loud. Truth was, logically it was weird, but physically it felt almost as good as playing with her pussy. She was too ashamed to ask him to continue though. "You can keep going if you want."

Jay didn't have to be told twice. This time though, he reached down with his free hand to masturbate while he sucked on and played with her breasts. Iris was getting more and more turned on by this display. The idea of all of this being dirty or wrong was becoming a very distant memory.

Iris began to breathe heavily and she felt her body tingling especially around her groin. She reached for her pussy, urgent to add whatever she could to the sensations enveloping her body. With her right hand, she pushed in and out. And with her left, she toyed with this new little button of flesh that she never knew that she had.

Both felt themselves hurtling towards the cliff of orgasmic bliss. Jay jerked all the faster since he knew how amazing that final release was. Iris only knew that something wild and intense was building inside her, so she moved as the sensations led her.

Iris was biting her lip to keep from crying out, but when she was surprised by her very first climax she could help but scream. She quickly clamped her mouth shut and held in the glorious feelings that were erupting from every cell of her body.

Her expression of bliss sent Jay over the edge as well. He pulled off of her breast and erupted like Mount Vesuvius. His cum striped across Iris's belly, pussy, thighs, and even her hands that hadn't had the chance to move from her pleasure button.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Just a second." She called.

"Iris, are you ok? I heard you scream." came the voice of her dad on the other side of the door.

Iris quickly grabbed a shirt out of her dirty clothes and wiped the cum off of her. "Um... Yes. I just stubbed my toe while getting ready for bed."

Her lie must have not been very convincing. "Iris can you open the door please?"

"Yeah. Just give me a second."

"No, open this door right now!" His voice told her she wasn't going to be asked again.

Jay hid behind the door and Iris bent at the waist to keep her body hidden behind it as well. When she cracked it open only her head and one shoulder were visible to her dad. "Dad, I'm naked. I was trying to change into my sleep clothes."

From Jay's position crouched behind her, his face was only a couple inches away from her rear. He could smell the fragrant pheromones still seeping from her lips. He couldn't help but lean his nose into her pussy and smell her.

"I'm sorry. You just sounded a little weird and I wanted to make sure you were ok." Her dad said with genuine concern in her voice.

"I'm fine dad." Iris was remaining surprisingly calm considering she had the nose of the boy she likes buried in her pussy.

"Are you sure? I knew you were really worried that Jay might not find his way back."

"I figured he wooooooold!" The nose turned into a tongue and she was not ready for that.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" Iris struggled to come up with a lie quickly. "I just felt a cold draft in a very sensitive spot."

That made him uncomfortable. "Oh. Sorry, I'll let you get to bed then. Good night."

"Good night dad."

Iris closed the door, straightened her body and turned to face Jay. Jay stood so they were nearly nose to nose. "As good as that feels, we have to be more careful." She whispered. "Meet me at our secret place tomorrow after afternoon chores."

"I can't wait," Jay said with a twinkle in his eyes. He started to turn back to the window but Iris grabbed his hand and turned him back to her.

"Hold on." She hesitated. She was studying his face intently. He was suddenly the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Jay studied her right back and felt the same way. Then she kissed him.

Not the quick peck that families share. She kissed his lips. And then she opened her mouth slightly and closed them around his bottom lip. Jay reciprocated, but then Iris broke it off before things got out of hand again.

"Where did you learn to kiss like that? I haven't shown you that yet."

Iris shrugged, a little chagrined. She looked down and then back up into his eyes. "I don't know. It just felt right for some reason."

"OK," Jay said softly before slipping back out the window.

(To be continued.)


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